Cutest Kids Swimwear Deal | Elisabeth McKnight

Are you starting to shop for kids swimwear? Need new suits for spring break or just want to snag cute suits for summer before the best ones sell out (they always do)?

There is a great deal on quality kids swimwear for the next 24 hours and I snagged new suits for each of my kids (and a few extra for my oldest).

I am always on the hunt for European style swim shorts for boys which are shorter and more comfortable for playing in than the standard longer swim trunks. My favorite have been from a french brand but shipping was expensive and the specific style sold out. When I came across these this morning I was pumped! The whole collection gives major Janie and Jack (or Minnow Swim) vibes at about half the price.

A few favorites from the sale:

How fun is this floral? Very Janie and Jack but under $20.

This comes in matching swim trunks for little boys, too.

I’m obsessed with the length of these. Ordered these for both my boys (and in an additional print for my 7 year old)

Another print of the boardies I love!

The cutest long sleeve rash guard. Great for extra sun protection (and needing to reapply less sunscreen).

Also bought this one to match the whale boardies.

These come in lots of colors and I love them. Wish the boardies came in gingham, too.

Obsessed with this unique print and the tone of the colors.


Also bought this one to match the whale boardies.

So many cute things, right? You can shop the full sale event here.

Author: Lynn Lee